hall and stage in use by Radio 4's 'Gardener's question Time' in 2004 front of the building with some users   

Special measures to cope with wintery conditions
at Upton-by-Chester Village Hall

During periods of frost and icy conditions User Groups are required to make their own decisions regarding the safe external passage of their members. The Hall caretaker is instructed by the Hall Management not to take any action externally as regards clearance of icy conditions.
(This is a policy considered by the Trustees after reviewing advice from several appropriate sources).

The Hall Management seek to provide a comfortable environment within the building and in wintery conditions will be especially vigilant in ensuring that all radiators valves are set at their normal thermostat position. If User Groups turn off radiators for their own use then please turn back on (thermostat marker outwards) when leaving the building ready for next group.

dated 17 December 2009 after Board Meeting agreement