hall and stage in use by Radio 4's 'Gardener's question Time' in 2004 front of the building with some users   

Car park improvements

Shutdown summer 2015 - carpark now complete. Scroll down to see the stages going back in time.

Luncheon Club members neatly parked

Tarmac surface, lines and drainage all finished - job complete other than some minor snagging and examination of drainage at back of building. Heavy rain overnight Thursday 13 Aug into Friday midday gave opportunity to examine drainage. Some trials to improve pooling in gravel - will commence shortly - but these will not effect the scheduled re-opening date of 1 September.

Day 6 - tarmac laid.

Days 4 & 5 - little progress outside - just gravel filling against building - awaiting the tarmac gang.

Day 3 - carpark cutout areas filled, drainage channel completed into gully, all edging now ready.

Day2 - drainage channel installation.

Day1 (Sat 1Aug) - car park work started - cutting out