hall and stage in use by Radio 4's 'Gardener's question Time' in 2004 front of the building with some users   

Summer 2015 shutdown - Weds 29 July 4pm - Mon 31 August evening

Shutdown summer 2015 - follow the progress on the hall for the contractors 23 days - before major clean up and re-instatement ready for re-opening.
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Sun 30 August - very thorough repolishing of the floor and final clean and reinstatement.

Sat 29 August - clean-up by caretaker Jane and reinstatement of the Hall by several of the Trustees

Fri 28 August (day 23) - all redecoration completed and various small 'shutdown jobs'. Contractors now completed and off-site (some scaffolding remains and car park drainage contractor will return for further work on the gravel bed).
Caretaker Jane carrying out final clean up inside. Trustees in Saturday for re-instatement on the hall. Jane will polish floor during Sunday for curing and very final issues on Monday - ready for re-opening Tues 1Sept. Final glorious image will appear on Monday.

Weds 26 August (Day 21) in final week
All venting complete and reviewed. Scaffold down. Major clean (all rooms except utility room). Skylights cleaned inside & out. Redecoration- hall wall touch-up ready for top coat, below dado completed, kitchen, bar and side lobby.

Tues 25 August (Day 20) in final week
Sheeps wool now lagging upper side internal walls that adjoin the loft areas of toilets and kitchen - a filthy job requiring full overalls, mask and goggles. Only one roll of sheep wool now left.
Painting started on walls (below cable duct). Final check over on ceiling.
Electricians complete testing - all now ready.

Mon 24 August (Day 19) - final week.
Electrics 90+% complete and all on schedule for scaffolding to come down Weds 26th. Building should be ready to start final clean and re-instatement from Friday 28th.
Furniture store painted and virtually ready to re-instate.

Day 18 - ready to enter final week. With ceiling fully finished and painted - all now ready for installation of electrics - lights and fans.
Breathable ridge now installed. Brick removal in eaves completed. Vents installed in eaves. Boiler room double plasterboarded - just needs edging firesealed. Wall repainted above cable ducting.

Day 12 - Emulsion painting of main hall ceiling. Vaulted ceiling completed and ready for adding dummy spars next week. Central hung ceiling first coat and all timber work cleaned up ready for a final black coat.

Day 11 - final day of skimming - all plasterwork now complete incl furniture store and corridors. Completing black painting of dummy spars before installation (Bob insisting on 3 coats).

Days 8,9,10 - completed plaster boarding main hall - then plasterers on site skimming. Black painting of dummy spars and plenty of cleaning up.

Day 7 - plasterboard and sheep wool for the central ceiling area.

Day 6 - all pre-wiring finished. main ceiling with noggins ready for all fixtures. plasterboard on vaulted side ceiling areas. Insulation on large back vaulted area. Middle wedge ceiling areas being replaced and insulated with sheep wool. more timber painting.

Day 5 - side vaulted roof insulation nearing completion, finishing of new ceiling structure with noggins and detail for mating into the wedge ceiling, black painting of timbers, preparation for restoring of stage pelmet. All now awaiting final wiring prep - electrician due tomorrow. Continuing with 'as you go' clean-up - skip getting pretty full.

Day 4 - new ceiling beams in place with edge battens, start on vaulted ceiling with 75mm Recticel between spars + 25mm overall now for much of one side, floor cleared of rubbish (skip nearly full),sheep's wool insulation delivered (150mm + 100mm rolls).

Day3 - electrical stripping and rewiring, ceiling down, all soft board cut out and ventilation bricks going, drainage channel installation.Plenty of mess so a major sweep up on the top floor to end the day.

Day 2 - virtually all scaffolding up (what is up safe access), electrician isolated all ceiling electrics, all light fittings mirror ball etc all down (thanks to Paul W giving me a hand and taking the unwanted away), furniture store and both fire escape corridors ceilings cleared of soft board and bricks ready for the insulation, some rough timber painting underway


Day 1 - half the scaffolding up, all materials loaded into hall, skip onsite, side lighting fittings down, start of soft board cutting out in furniture store.




Day 1 - at noon - floor and stage protected, start of scaffold , material delivered, start of loading onto stage