hall and stage in use by Radio 4's 'Gardener's question Time' in 2004 front of the building with some users   

Refurbished Meeting Room at
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall

The meeting room is accessed from the bar area through large double doors. This allows for the room to become an annexe to the bar area for functions. With the doors closed the room has a good level of sound insulation. In these images the room is shown laid out for a meeting of 22 facing a set of small tables with a further 4 people.
A maximum capacity for a meeting should be assumed as 30 people.

The room is well resourced with power points including a set in the centre of the floor - hence suitable for a central cluster of tables requiring power (eg computers). The room has a choice of lighting - good overhead for computer screen viewing - also 3 separate wall lights for subdued lighting.



The stairs shown in the image give access to the stage.

The room is very 'self-contained' with its own 'coat rack', access by its own side door with a toilet facility. The kitchen , however, is shared with main hall users.


See below - record of the work carried out over 5 weeks. All went to schedule. The project was part supported by 'Awards 4 All' with the rest out of Hall funds.

Week 1 - demolish ceiling. roof reinforcement needs diagnosed and two major timbers installed - a hip and a beam - jacking up the roof and providing a sound structure. Radiator removed. Wall battens and insulation. ALL COMPLETED.

Week 2 - electrical wiring and plumbing pipework. Ceiling joists ready for plasterboards. ALL COMPLETED.

Week 3 (w/c 6Aug)- plaster boarding walls and ceiling. Floor elec channel & macro-levelling. Joinery . Primary decoration. COMPLETE.

Week 4 (w/c 13Aug) - decoration. complete room electrics/plumbing. ALL COMPLETE

Week 5 (w/c 20 Aug) - Flooring. Door to stage. Rehang door to bar. Instate new elec supply. Clean up.

Planned for Post 23 Aug - new curtains / coat stand / possible pull down screen / reinstate pictures/board.

as of 20 Aug 07) - showing decoration / lighting and radiator/ levelled floor ready for (the on-site) Aztec Brown tiles.

as of 16 Aug 07 - showing flooring after removal of 'high centre' and setting central ducting

as of 16 Aug 07 - showing window architrave and partial decoration

as of 7 Aug 07 - showing freshly plastered walls and ceiling

Image - 30Jul07 - showing new roofing timbers and battened & insulated walls

record of earlier shots - going back in time -

End of day 2 (Tues 24 July)

Radiator removed and more battening ready for wall panels


First day

Work started as planned on Mon 23 July 2007. Our contractor Bob Dodd ready to start on the first day.


Ceiling removed and clear identification of requirements to strengthen ceiling

By end of day - new main beam in place