looking out of meeting room towards the bar front of the building with some users   

Meeting Room (approx 20 sq.m.) within
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall
after major refurbishment - August 2007

    The Meeting Room is shown here - laid out with 26 chairs and 3 small square tables.

    An absolute capacity is for 30 people with 20 probably a more comfortable maximum.

    Another layout is with a 'centre square' of tables and seats around. Electrical power sockets in the centre of the floor are useful if computers are used in this table arrangement.

    There is a choice of lighting - from overhead flourescent suitable for computer screens - to a selection of dimmable side lighting.

    The room is suitable for the use of presentations with a projector.

    The steps give access to the back of the stage (serving performer's wing for concerts)

    All reasonable steps have been taken to give good sound insulation from the rest of the hall, stage and kitchen.

    For large social events in the main hall the double doors can be folded-back - significantly extending the bar area and offering a 'cafe seating' facility.

    The room can be accessed via its own side entrance door and has a toilet facility - all without interference with Main Hall users.

    The recent refurbishment has produced a comfortable room - heat insulated to today's standards.