front of the building with some users   

User Groups cancelled
following Government recommendations
regarding the Coronavirus outbreak

This list is being updated on a daily basis

    User Groups who have currently cancelled - NB - currently only their March and April bookings have been removed from the calendar
  • Flower Club
  • Horticultural Society (and their comm mtgs)
  • Friday Luncheon Club
  • U3A German
  • French for Fun
  • Heart Support (and their committee mtgs)
  • Stroke Art
  • Small Art class
  • Line Dancing
  • WI
  • Tues Badminton
  • BabySensory
  • Yoga
  • P&Qs
  • Bowls
  • Sequence Dancing & OT SequDancing
  • Computer Classes
  • Travis Academy Afterschool
  • Stretchilates
  • RugbyTots
  • Medau
Also all Shows for this first six months of 2020