front of the building with some users   

Community Booking Enquiries for
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall

Community User Groups are local clubs who use UVH as their base for their activities. As clubs - all the organisers are volunteers and draw no income from the activities.

    Hall Rates (gives access to full Hall except Meeting Room)
  • Evening after 7pm (members only or free admission)..... 21
  • Evening Performances/Concerts (entry charge).... 35 *
  • All Day (to 7pm)..... 35 *
  • Morning or Afternoon....7/hr
* note - major events open to the public - Meeting Room included at no extra charge
    Meeting Room Rates
  • Morning (9am - 12.30pm) or Afternoon (12.30pm - 4.00pm) or Evening (from 7pm) ....... 8

See also copy of Hall Rules - Terms & Conditions of booking