front of the building with some users   

Scope & review of Project 4-SCORE for
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall
with links to galleries of the refurbishment story

This project 'scope' was authorised by the Hall management on 6 June 2003 and largely achieved by our 80th anniversary Dec08.
All managed by the 4-SCORE Steering Group
To address the concerns agreed with the Hall Exec 23May2003


    Storage...see progress
  • Recognise that many users require storage as much as a meeting place.
  • Establish more useful storage opportunity by redesign within the full building only increasing the footprint if essential.
  • Establish more efficient use by challenging territorial defence of established users and encourage a culture of removing unneeded items.


    Catering...see progress
  • Meet today’s standards and user expectations in safety & hygiene
  • Efficient layout and access with facilities expected by today’s kitchen users
  • Effective interaction between kitchen and ‘customers’ offering more than just ‘beverages & biscuits’
  • At least as good as the best comparable similar local amenities


    Operation...see progress
  • The project will provide physical changes but it is paramount that the Hall’s operational procedures are reviewed & implemented to reap the benefits


    Rejuvination...see progress
  • Upgrade the main areas of use to a comfortable standard as expected for the early 21st century
  • Ensure fire exit & all safety issues meet expectations of users & Standards
  • Improve access to all Hall amenities minimising disturbance to other users
  • Upgrade & publicise Committee Room 1 (renamed 'Meeting Room) to gain more benefit from it
  • Heating lighting & cleaning reviewed/updated to exceed current user expectations


    Equipment...see progress
  • establish presentation /media equipment in the main hall to meet the higher expectations of today’s users
  • electrical upgrade - improve circuits and outputs - bringing distribution up to current standards.